Tuesday, 4 March 2014

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Website Developer

The internet is a powerful tool for facilitating global information exchange and interaction. In case you are seeking for an agency or a contractor to design the organization's website, there are many choices to choose from. There are local development & design agencies, international developers, freelance website designers and do-it-yourself services. In other words you will discover hundreds of website design agencies. Choosing a web design company is not a simple task. Several factors need to be taken into consideration here including:

· Customer service
Some website developers are difficult to get a hold of when they are needed the most. It is advisable to hire a website developer who offers the sale when needed. They should also be able to get the work done effectively when the need arises to make improvement to the website. Scrutinize the testimonials available in their website and consider contacting the customers listed on the company's portfolio to assess quality of the work and the customer service provided by the designer.

· Portfolio & design aesthetics
Find out whether the designer has a portfolio showing other websites that they have created. In case they do not have a portfolio this could be evidence of the fact that they are new in the business and lack experience. If they have a portfolio, determine whether the style of the design meets your expectation. If the designer produces professional web designs but you do not like the feel and look of the website then the designer will not be in a position to design the quality you are looking for.

· Technology platform
Many of the website design companies use a specific technology to design their websites. It is advisable to choose an agency that uses a platform that is widely used. This allows for other website developers to work on the site when the need arises. Choose a website designer that uses common technology platform like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal because they are normally worked by most of the developers.

· Cost
Cost is normally a common factor considered in choosing a website developer, but it is not the only important factor. Your goal should be geared towards designing a website that works. In case the organization sells products/services to consumers, it is advisable to consider a website that attracts customers to the business. If the organization is a non-profit company, it is important to design a website that effectively communicates the work of the organization and one that encourages others to get involved. You will discover the website that accomplishes the goals of the organization is not deigned cheaply.

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