Friday, 14 June 2013

Inspirational Web Site UI Designs

For a website to be effective it has to have an aspect of functionality. Let's discuss a collection of widely used Web 2.0 and more traditional layouts in style & personality yet maintaining ease of use.
The classic Traineo
Traineo is a classic early-Web 2.0 design: its layout forms a much dark header, bright & open content area and runs on bright colors to draw attention.
This style can provide functionality through combining considerable number information while maintaining straightforwardness experience (crucial for expansive potential user base).
The familiar iStockPhoto
More stylish end of the scale is iStockPhoto, with a common proposition (selling photos sourced from the user base).
There's a solid top bar, which is kept as small and with neutral colors (grey) to enhance bold imagery. With iStockPhoto's home page you can merge soft & hard information.
Users are inspired by the overlaying photographic splash, highlighting variety of superior imagery with a luring search box and a straightforward pricing display seems obvious.
The typical fun Rememble
If you're looking for a typical fun layout, then Rememble is a classic example with sociable rounded fonts; the solid top bar provides broad white spaces and invisible structural pixels, a peculiar logo, bold titles and vibrant solid panels that keep things interesting.
The busy ComponentArt
Although reduced to some extent, the ComponentArt still has full of activity going on in its simple layout. You'll notice 4 columns making the site look quite active, but with several wares on display, what's different this time though, is the functioning customary branding & tab/L2nav bar above a thrifty page design below.
Purina's simple splash layout
Purina, a pet website employs a more customary solid-panel design while it keeps the rest of the layout pretty neat and conventional. It has 2 main columns hence no difficulty in looking for content and simple navigation through the use of dropdown tabs. This best suits a growing audience.
My Musik Downloads
It's difficult to place My Musik Downloads among 2.0 designs, right? The home page alone does tell effectively the function of the website. But I'm not sure of the relevance of more essentials page down; if you have a lot going on then at least try to include everything on top.